1. Welcome to the Next?Generationeering?Group.

        Pupils – Gaining first experiences

        Next Generationeering – to us this means: shaping the first steps in your career together and creating new opportunities across national borders. If technology excites you as much as it excites us, we can offer you promising opportunities for an apprenticeship or a dual study program.

        Your apprenticeship at Dürr

        Do you have what it takes to leave your mark on Industry 4.0? Start your apprenticeship and find out! During your three to three and a half years' apprenticeship, you’ll go through a range of different departments. For a technical apprenticeship, for example, this would include the laboratory, the training workshop and Robot Manufacturing department. With a business apprenticeship, you will get to know departments such as Marketing, Purchasing and Financial Accounting. Typically, this will also involve an assignment abroad. After all, you’re probably eager to get out and see the world – and that’s great, because we’re represented worldwide. Of course, you’ll be mentored by qualified instructors the entire time. The basic prerequisites for your top-quality apprenticeship are a high school diploma, a passion for technology, and a willingness to dive right into working internationally.
        You would like to do an internship to find out which apprenticeship is the right one? Get more information here.

        Students at Dürr

        Experience the perfect blend of theory and hands-on training. With the dual studies program at Dürr, you’ll be well-prepared for a great career. In a dual studies program, your practical work at Dürr is supplemented with lessons at a university of cooperative education. After completing an assignment abroad in the fourth semester and passing the bachelor examination, you’ll be all set and ready to become a full Dürr employee. Requirements: general higher education entrance qualification or an advanced technical certificate... and, of course, a passion for the technology of tomorrow.

        You would like to gain first insights into the professional world already during school? Apply now for an internship.

        Apprenticeships and Dual Study Programs

        Yannik Oehlmann

        The apprenticeship and cooperative study program at Dürr is the perfect combination of theory and practice. You learn the technical skills from scratch. In the end, you’re able to put this knowledge to use in projects large and small. And working in all the different departments is really interesting, too – it’s important for gaining more work experience.

        Students and Apprentices at Work

        Trainee Excursion

        Welcome to Pure Passioneering - our trainees spending time together at their yearly excursion.

        International Cooperations

        School cooperation with the German School in Quito – students from Ecuador made their way to Germany to gain insights into the German education system and gain practical experience and insights into the professional world.

        Girls' Day

        We support initiatives like the Girls' Day to give girls some insights into technical jobs.


        Welcome on board. All new students and apprentices spend one week together. On the agenda: teambuilding and getting all information on what they need for a good start at Dürr!

        Good to know – Frequently Asked Questions

        What will I earn during my apprenticeship?

        Your pay during this period will be based on the latest collective wage agreement negotiated between Germany’s IG Metall labor union and the Confederation of German Employers' Associations.

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        Where is the university or vocational school?

        The vocational school at our Bietigheim-Bissingen headquarters is in the town center. We offer the cooperative study program in partnership with the Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences. In addition, we collaborate with local vocational training schools at our other sites. Please refer to the respective posted position for more information about your university or vocational training school.

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        How can I apply for a position as an apprenticeship or for a study course?

        Please apply only online for the advertised apprenticeship position or for your planned dual studies program. You can find our online application link below the posted position.

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        What documentation do I require to apply for an apprenticeship or a dual studies program?

        Your complete application documents should include:

        • a cover letter
        • your resume
        • transcripts from your last three semesters
        • any certificates from internships
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        How long is the apprenticeship, and can I shorten this time?

        The apprenticeship is generally three to three and a half years. However, you can finish sooner by mutual agreement if you earn good grades and perform well during this time.

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        Do you offer opportunities for further training during the apprenticeship?

        Yes, we offer a comprehensive training and further education program, including language and product training courses. You can also earn a general higher education entrance qualification while you train.

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        What are my chances of being hired after my apprenticeship or dual studies program?

        We guarantee employment to all of our successful apprentices and students.

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        What will my working hours be like?

        Your flexible work schedule will be based on a 35-hour week. Your workday start and finish times will vary depend on your location.

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        Can I go abroad during my apprenticeship or studies?

        Yes. In fact, we highly value international education. After all, we ourselves are active almost everywhere in the world. We also offer semesters abroad to students in dual studies programs.

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        What educational qualifications do I require for an apprenticeship or for a dual studies program?

        You should have at least a school leaving certificate for an apprenticeship, and a vocational or general higher education entrance qualification for a dual studies program.

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        What professions can I learn at Dürr?

        How much time off can I expect during my apprenticeship or studies?

        You have 30 days of vacation per year.

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        Can I earn a master’s degree or become a qualified engineer after my apprenticeship or studies?

        Yes, we offer various programs to support you. Find out more about our development prospects here

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