1. Welcome to the Traineering?Group.

        Working and Developing at Dürr

        Traineering – to us this means: supporting all employees in their personal development, to encourage knowledge transfer of thus assure a long-term learning success. Thereby our international training offers always provide new impulses. 

        Lifelong Learning with Dürr

         At Dürr we gear ourselves to your personal qualification need and continuously evaluate the quality of our training to offer outstanding development prospects. This involves supporting all employees in their personal development, to encourage knowledge transfer of thus assure a long-term learning success. Thereby our international training offers always provide new impulses. Find out how Anja Walthart started her career at Dürr and how she continues learning and developing with Dürr.

        Further Development


        Welcome to Pure Passioneering - We want to make your entry into the Dürr Group as successful as possible, which is why we’ve developed a comprehensive onboarding program to help you become immersed into both, the company and your role.

        Professional and personal know-how

        We promote both your professional and personal skills with special measures such as product, communication or project management training.

        Intercultural Development and Languages

        Our activities extend all over the globe. Take advantage of our intercultural training offers to expand your skills and celebrate successes worldwide.

        Leading at Dürr

        As a leader, you have a great responsibility, but you also enjoy a lot of entrepreneurial freedom. With our comprehensive leadership training you will become a valued source of inspiration, a driver of innovation and a coach.

        Work Life Balance

        In selected seminars you learn how to combine work and private life so that you can master all the demands of your daily work while maintaining your personal balance.

        IT and Digitization

        Get fit for the tasks of tomorrow and use our state-of-the-art IT and digitalization trainings for beginners as well as professionals.

        People Development

        Dürr is constantly growing and with us, the prospects for you as an employee. In order to fully exploit your strengths and make the best possible use of them, we have created a smart personnel development process called People Development that combines both, potential identification and personnel development, and ensures succession planning worldwide. The elemental components of the program include structured feedback sessions and the People Development Conferences, which discuss local and global succession planning and the promotion of high potentials.


        Modern working environment

        The new Test- and Training Center in Shanghai offers modern working environment for our employees and customers.

        Health Management - Wellbeing@Dürr

        The health of all employees is something we care deeply about. For this reason, various measures like body age screenings regularly take place, which make our employees fit for their everyday life.

        Kids meet robots

        How does the paint get on the car, who teaches the robot to move and what does an engineer at Dürr do? These questions were answered by our colleagues during an excursion of a local school.

        The installation of the paint shop in the Czech is ready to go!

        A lot of our employees are working on construction sites anywhere in the world to build up our plants.

        ADAMOS Hackathon at Dürr

        Teams programming innovative software prototypes. Actively working on industry 4.0 is what we call "Digital@Dürr".

        Bring your Kids to Work Day

        As part of a pedagogical program in the US and Canada, children can accompany their parents to work for one day – always great fun at Dürr Southfield!


        The Dürr Student-Event takes place twice a year. All students – whether interns, students writing their final thesis or working students – meet up to go bowling, climbing or canoeing together, depending on the season and their interests. Of course, a joint dinner is not to be missed!