1. Sustainability at Dürr

        Dürr provides products, systems and services for highly efficient manufacturing processes in diverse industries, focusing on business with automobile manufacturers and suppliers. Other customer segments include machine construction, as well as the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

        As a mechanical and plant engineering company, we act globally in three divisions:


        We regularly examine our management system, and initiate remedial measures where necessary. We are committed to considering the interests of health, safety and environmental protection and to complying with statutory provisions. We actively protect the environment by steadily improving our locations’ environmental performance wherever this is economically feasible or necessary. We do our utmost to avoid emissions due to operational reasons or accidents. We employ suitable processes, rules and state-of-the art technologies to conserve resources, reduce emissions and mitigate any negative consequences of our actions.

        Customer orientation

        Our customers are the benchmark for everything we do. We regularly analyze their requirements and expectations, and implement our findings in our products and services. Our products’ ecological impact during the customer use phase is many times higher than during the manufacturing phase. Together with our customers, we work to improve the quality and environmental performance of our products. We promote innovations because they are the foundation for our company’s success in the future. This includes continuously improving environmental compatibility and protecting resources as early as during the product development process.

        Dedication and commitment of staff

        Well-educated and trained employees are essential for economical and profitable quality in our processes and products. Our employees’ motivation and initiative are important to us. A successful quality and environmental strategy based on binding specifications and compulsory implementation is possible only with capable and motivated employees who think and act with their responsibilities in mind.

        Dürr Supplier Award

        Business partners

        We oblige our business partners to act according to our or comparable principles.


        We exemplify what we expect from others. Consequently, everybody is responsible for quality. Our executives lead the way in promoting commitment to the environment, health and safety. They support the employees’ responsibility by providing information, training and resources. Our experts advise, support and inform employees in all matters of safety, environmental protection and health. Each employee contributes to designing safe processes, observing these processes and continuously improving them.

        Dürr offers paint shop assessment

        Business processes and their continuous improvement

        Quality cannot be created by testing. It can only be planned, developed and put into practice. Only a correct and transparent process chain can ensure that the deadline quality, price quality and product quality are achieved. All processes should be uniform around the world.We regularly adapt our quality specifications to our customers’ requirements, and steadily improve our processes and products. Audits help us review our decisions and measures to ensure continuous optimization.

        Sustainability at the Dürr Group