1. Dürr's bolting system x-gun

        Bolting and handling systems – Ready for alternative drive systems

        Dürr Assembly Products is a long term supplier of marriage systems in which bolting and handling systems are also integrated.

        Bolting system x-gun

        With the multi-direct bolting system x-gun we reach the highest degree of automation by being able to carry out up to 4 bolting operations, one after the other, with only one nutrunner.

        As the spindle extensions on the pallets are no longer required, the costs are notably reduced while at the same time increasing the flexibility in the marriage process.

        In addition, our customers are able to obtain manual or automatic bolt-loading applications for the bolting systems which can be also located in the station.

        We are thus also ideally prepared for alternative drive systems.

        Dürr's bolting system x-bolt
        Dürr's bolting system x-bolt
        Dürr's bolting system x-gun