1. Dürr's virtual engineering stands for precise preparation of optimized processes

        Virtual engineering – Precise preparation of optimized processes

        For many years Dürr has belonged to the most important suppliers to the automotive industry. With virtual engineering it is possible to test and analyze process flow, cycle times, level of automation and individual specifications before the real commissioning.

        Advantages of virtual commissioning

        With virtual commissioning we can ensure that the customer is delivered a system with a very high level of maturity. At the same time it is ensured that future model variants can be integrated.

        During the virtual engineering the 3D CAD model of the system is controlled by real hardware (e.g. operator panel, SPS, emergency stop, …).

        In that way, we can check and optimize the safety technology and the control system.

        An additional advantage of the virtual commissioning: At the same time the operators can be trained on the equipment.