1. Efficient hospital and cafeteria logistics with Dürr conveyor systems

        Dürr supplies automated general goods transport solutions specifically designed to suit hospital and cafeteria requirements.

        Dürr stands for reliable technology and successful innovation and is well established in the hospital logistics market. Our continuously expanding portfolio of products includes overall control and conveyor equipment for automated goods transport systems with multiple successful customer implementations. One example is the introduction of the first non-contact electric monorail system for automated goods transport at G?ttingen University Hospital. In addition to system design and manufacture, Dürr provides a wide range of services including project management, site management, electrical planning, controls, system visualization and commissioning.

        Tailor-made conveyor technology

        Over the past two years, numerous hospitals have chosen Dürr conveyor systems. We have developed conveyor technologies for the transport of containers and trolleys specifically designed to meet current regulations on safety, hygiene and lifecycle expectancy as well as the latest machinery directives.

        For automated goods transport systems we offer

        • Floor conveyors
        • Special solutions
        • Automatic guided transport systems
        • EMS technology

        Dürr's automated goods transport systems benefits

        • Comprehensive experience
        • Incorporation of the latest developments
        • Reliable project execution
        • Customer focus and local cooperation
        • Global project management

        Conveyor equipment for container cleaning stations

        Dürr offers a variety of solutions for external conveyors leading to and from delivery points for container cleaning stations.

        For container cleaning stations we supply

        • Tilters with toothed belt conveyors
        • Feed conveyors with friction rollers
        • Lifting and lowering stations
        • Door opener and closer aids

        Dürr's container cleaning stations benefits

        • Greatest possible elimination of pits
        • Stainless steel design
        • Maximum flexibility in system layout

        Economic control concepts

        The control of all units within an automated goods transport system is the central logistical element in ensuring smooth processes. Dürr offers individual control system concepts (as well as their associated visualization systems) for hospital logistics.

        Our services

        • Accurate planning and execution of material flow controls
        • Updating from S5 to S7 controls
        • EMR drive technology with the latest generation of frequency converters

        Updating your controls to Dürr's latest control concept is carried out during normal operation without disturbance to daily transport jobs. This ensures a smooth transition of your system enabling it to meet your current logistical needs.

        System functionality test with a Dürr individual simulation

        At an early stage Dürr can, on request, carry out a detailed simulation of the whole automated goods transport system. We check the functionality of your system and evaluate its success based on transport throughput. With a simulation model, empty runs and system reliability and availability are easy to assess. The results of your individual virtual simulation can then be applied in reality to optimize your controls.

        We evaluate the following key system factors

        • Different types of transport jobs
        • Run times
        • Processing of kitchen jobs

        Customer projects for automated goods transport

        As an integrator of automated goods transport systems, Dürr has a series of references and successfully completed customer projects.


        • Adidas Herzogenaurach
        • Albertinen Service GmbH Hamburg
        • BWK Ulm
        • Elektromeier Ulm
        • Hobart Offenburg
        • Hospital Augsburg
        • Hospital Bogenhausen
        • Hospital Frankfurt
        • Hospital G?ppingen
        • Hospital Rechts der Isar Munich
        • HSK Wiesbaden
        • ISIS Ingenieursgesellschaft mbH Münster
        • Klinikum Bremen Ost
        • Klinikum Passau
        • Meiko Offenburg
        • Siemens Mannheim
        • University Hospital Aachen
        • University Hospital Bonn
        • University Hospital Freiburg
        • University Hospital G?ttingen
        • University Hospital Marburg
        • University Hospital Münster
        • University Hospital Ulm
        • Vivantes Berlin


        • Centre Hospitalier Besan?on
        • Centre Hospitalier Gonesse
        • Centre Hospitalier Plaisir
        • Centre Hospitalier Strasbourg
        • Compagnie Hobart S.A.S


        • Hospital Hvidovre
        • S?ren Jensen Ingeni?rfirma


        • DS Automotion Linz