1. Floor conveyors for paint shops

        Dürr supplies optimized floor conveyors for every process step in the paint shop.

        Skid conveyors

        The bodies are transported on transport skids for the connections from the paint shop and as a decoupling buffer. Dürr is a skilled partner in delivering everything from various roller bed designs, turntables, cross transfer cars and cross-chain conveyors to elevators.

        Suspension chain conveyors

        Suspension chain conveyors are available in steel or plastic. They are used wherever several bodies are transported in continuous operation with only one drive. Applications include ovens, spray booths, buffer sections and various other work zones.

        Roller beds

        Various roller bed designs are available according to process requirements and environment. Dürr supplies designs for buffer sections, wet areas, spray booths, UBS lines and work zones. All roller beds are modular and use common system components such as the frame structure, motors, support belts and rollers. They are characterized by maximum availability. Horizontal and vertical changes to the direction of transport are achieved with cross and vertical conveyors.

        Inverted power & free conveyors

        This floor-mounted chain conveyor and its chain let you move bodies either in combination or individually. Horizontal and vertical bends and track switches permit flexible layouts. The system is equally suitable for connecting conveyor systems and buffer sections.

        Inverted monorail conveyors

        At the customer’s request, Dürr supplies inverted monorail conveyors (IMCs) specifically for applications in hot areas such as ovens. IMCs make it simple to implement U-shaped ovens.