1. Overhead conveyors for paint shops

        In paint shops, overhead conveyors are primarily used in underbody sealing and seam sealing. Both our electric monorail systems and the Twin Trolley System (T.T.S.?), available only from Dürr, are ideally suited for this purpose. Suspended roller beds complete our portfolio.

        Electric Monorail System

        Electric monorail systems (EMS) consist of single trolleys with friction wheel drives, and transport the bodies through the paint shop. The electric monorail system is all about flexibility: optionally equipped with Vertical Adjustable Carrier (VAC), production lines and transport routes can cross each other and bodies can be lowered to any desired working height. Body lift units are used to convey them to other levels.

        Power & Free

        Dürr supplies Power & Free conveyors at the customer’s request. These consist of a continuously running drive chain (Power), which is coupled to the hanger with the help of a latch. By unlocking the latch, the carriage can be stopped as needed despite a running chain (Free).

        Twin Trolley System

        Twin Trolley System (T.T.S.?) is a high-speed system in which the idle trolleys are positively driven almost slip and wear free by toothed belts via pusher dogs (trolleys). Optionally equipped with a flexible Vertical Adjustable Carrier (VAC), the body can be lowered to any working level.

        Suspended roller beds

        The system with suspended roller beds is based on elements from the skid conveyor system and offers a high degree of standardization and consistency.