LOXEO is the digital marketplace for the customers of Dürr and Schenck - through the combination of machine and system data the overall production process is perfected and productivity is optimized.

        The digital marketplace for the customers of Dürr and Schenck

        LOXEO is an Internet-based digital marketplace for Dürr and Schenck customers.The marketplace operates in a way that is similar to the online retailer Amazon or Apple’s App Store. Customers will buy digital services, products, spare parts or e-learning content. Digital services include apps for production planning or machine monitoring.

        Current and future LOXEO Services

        With the Machine Back-up Service, LOXEO provides a fall-back- strategy for production processes against malfunctions and failures.

        Based on experience, Preventive Maintenance informs you when a particular component will fail.

        The Knowledge Module for maximum plant and machinery expertise comprises tutorials, interactive eLearning sessions and more.

        Predictive Maintenance – based on the utilization and real status of equipment – provides exact information on when the lifetime of a component comes to an end, calling for early intervention.

        With the Service Helpdesk our customers find the right solutions and guarantees the right contact persons for each and every issue. ?

        The Connectivity Boards on the status of a plant ensure maximum transparency. The Dashboards with individual personalization capabilities retrieve and display production processes on customers’ tablets, smartphones or computers.?

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