1. Brake test devices – Expertise in brake testing

        You receive a new flexibility by the application of our easy to handle, wireless brake test devices. In addition, our system permits the automatic allocation of vehicles and test heads over several assembly cycles without operator influence.

        • Brake leak test devices – pneumatic
        • Brake leak test devices – electric (wlBT – wireless brake tester)
        • Measuring kit for brake testing

        Software with self-learning algorithms

        Our testing devices for the brake testing work with the most comprehensive analysis software available on the market. Your particular advantage: our software provides self-learning algorithms. As you can work targeted on the failure reasons, the software reduces your rework expenses. Our systems define different failure sources, e.g. remained air in the brake system or smallest leaks. Our brake test devices also detect mechanical failures - for each of your vehicle models. So you will find the reason for deviations in time.

        Test several vehicles simultaneously

        It is possible to control several test heads from one base station. That is why you can reduce the investment costs in comparison to individual stations considerably.

        Direct connection with the vport OBD

        The direct connection of our brake test devices with the ABS control module vport OBD allows you to record motion sequences and the corresponding pressure changes within brake systems. Hence you can make special statements regarding the characteristics and quality of brake systems.

        Special features

        You are able to perform special functions such as the parameterisation of sensors and actuators in hybrid vehicles via the combination of brake test devices with control device interfaces.