1. Dürr Somac's Measurement and Test Technology

        Control device communication – Communication is key

        The filling or testing of modern brake systems with ABS or ESP requires the communication with electronic control devices in vehicles.

        Dürr has developed the first filling station with integrated ABS control via serial communication for the filling of brake systems with dry hydraulic unit. We offer our long term experience via our diagnostic adapters vport OBD and vport C as well as the corresponding software components.

        The vport C can be equipped with diagnostic plugs for a variety of designs and for this reason they can be adapted directly to the ECU.

          Flexibility during the control unit communication

          Our vportOBD is one of the smallest available interface modules with radio interface for the industrial use. It is plugged directly to the diagnostic interface within the vehicle via the integrated OBDII plug. Therefore hindering cable connections do not apply and the mobility of the operating staff is not restricted.
          A host interface with a variety of connection options offers several opportunities for networked and individual solutions.


          • vport OBD
          • vport C