1. Car Body Cleaning

        Cleaning systems are used to remove loose dust and particles of dirt from vehicle bodies before they are painted. Dürr's tried-and-tested machines and innovative robot-controlled systems can significantly improve the first run rate.

        Soft, reliable, and flexible: Dürr has been supplying its fully automated machines for cleaning the outside of vehicle bodies since the end of the 1980s. The EcoClean systems are long-term bestsellers that are in use worldwide. Their special feature is their ostrich feathers, which do an extremely thorough job of removing loose dust and particles of dirt before the painting process. This significantly improves the first run rate.

        Consistent quality and performance: The EcoRS Clean Brush system consists of a robot fitted with sword brushes which clean the outside of vehicle bodies particularly gently and reliably. The brushes are integrated into the manufacturing process and provide reproducible cleaning results in stop & go and in rail tracking operation.

        Thorough preparation is an essential part of a high-quality paint application process. The EcoBlow-Off cleaning system removes dust and dirt from the inside of vehicle bodies and cleans the outside before they are painted. It is the perfect complement to the EcoClean external cleaning system with its feather rollers.

        Ideal for complex body contours and a wide range of models, the EcoRS Clean F combines efficient cleaning using feather rollers with the high flexibility of a robot. This is because the robot cleans different body shapes efficiently and independently of each other in almost any combination and sequence. It is designed for vehicle sizes up to 2.0 m in height and width and is suitable for line tracking and stop-and-go operation. The modular cleaning cells can be planned with a variable number of robots in order to achieve the right surface performance level as appropriate to the body size and available cycle time.