1. Eco+Paintshop – Efficiency and top-quality in the painting process

        The Dürr Eco+Paintshop is a resource-saving paint shop that continuously analyzes and optimizes each and every process. "Sustainability is born of efficiency”: that's the maxim behind this plant, which reduces your carbon footprint by cutting VOCs, material and paint consumption as well as saving water, energy and space.

        The Eco+Paintshop saves water wherever possible: for example, by integrating the dry overspray separation system EcoDryScrubber or by the help of the rotational dip coating process RoDip? with smaller baths in the base coat thanks. This reduces water consumption by almost 60%. But also other resources are saved: With the efficient EcoBell 3 high-speed rotary atomizer and the EcoLCC color changer, the Eco+Paintshop achieves lower paint consumption and therefore emissions with optimum application technology.

        The Eco+Paintshop benefits from the developments around IIOT, as the intelligent control and networking of processes leverage unprecedented savings potential.

        Alongside perfectly coordinated processes, customers benefit from lower unit costs. This concept can increase the efficiency of any paint shop, be it for vehicles, plastic attachments, aircraft, or wheel rims.

        Eco+Paintshop benefits

        • Significant VOC reductions
        • Lower material, water and energy consumption
        • Higher plant efficiency
        • Lower unit costs

        Corinna Maier
        Product Management
        Dürr Systems AG
        Carl-Benz-Str. 34
        74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen