1. Dürr's Ecopaint Booth stands for spray booths for perfect application

        Efficient, high-quality vehicle painting

        Dürr is the world leader in automotive paint shop planning and implementation, both for the modernization of existing factories and the construction of new production lines.

        Our long-standing experience and solid process expertise guarantee an integrated approach. Equally, Dürr is ideally placed for the future of mobility, with fully networked, highly automated systems that produce an outstanding finish on electric vehicles.

        Energy efficiency with Eco+Paintshop

        We’re constantly advancing our products, plants and concepts to improve the whole painting process by raising quality, reducing energy and material consumption and bringing down unit costs. Indeed, over the last few years our Eco+Paintshop has cut energy usage in the painting process by over 60%.

        Expertise in new vehicle concepts

        Each and every link in the process chain has optimization potential. We see new vehicle concepts as an exciting challenge. Electric mobility heralds alternative body designs, innovative combinations of materials and indeed entirely new materials. And we’re ahead of the curve!
        Take our EcoInCure oven for example. It’s ideally suited to electric vehicles because it heats them up from the inside out, preventing component stresses. And our 7-axis rail-free robot, a world first, features sensors and analytics software designed for Industry 4.0 applications.

        Efficiency through standardized painting processes

        Dürr’s processing expertise is second-to-none. We handle standardized processes all over the world and our Project Center provides all the necessary data quickly and effectively wherever it’s required.
        DXQcontrol – MES/SCADA sets new standards in supervisory controls for automotive production. An agile manufacturing execution system with optimum release capability that forms the backbone of end-to-end networked, digital production processes, DXQcontrol – MES/SCADA paves the way for connections to modern IIoT solutions such as our ADAMOS platform.

        Our automotive painting portfolio includes

        • Tailored greenfield and brownfield plants
        • Comprehensive process expertise and high-quality technologies:
          • CFD simulation and initial concept planning
          • Pretreatment and corrosion prevention
          •  Spray booths and robot application systems
          • Oven systems
          • Conveyor systems
          • High-performance automatic control and digital connection
          • Air pollution control
        • Professional implementation and start-up management
        • Spare parts service, inspection and maintenance
        • Service locations worldwide