1. Ecopaint Oven – The latest generation of modular drying systems

        Optimum drying processes for curing coatings are the key to a perfect surface. Dürr supplies suitable systems for every process in the painting line, including gelling, flash-off and curing – all from a single source.

        We draw on our long-standing experience and process expertise to develop innovative drying concepts for paint shops. The Ecopaint Oven product family combines maximum functionality with production efficiency.
        The Dürr EcoInCure is revolutionizing the body-drying market with paint quality and process performance that is simply peerless. Our benchmark product, EcoStandardOven, is built on proven technology with a long track record and meets the latest customer requirements for design and functionality. And our space-saving layout options guarantee that you get the most out of every square foot. Dürr ovens are also impressively flexible when used in conjunction with integrated conveyor systems.

        Our oven equipment is complemented by smart products for maximum cost-efficiency, sustainability and quality. For example, EcoSmart VEC provides variable fresh and exhaust air regulation, so your oven only uses the power it actually needs, which means higher efficiency and lower unit costs.

        Its patented air seal technology guarantees maximum functionality and energy efficiency. Another example is the peerless cleaning technology behind our Ecopure? TAR and Ecopure? RTO exhaust gas post-treatment systems.