1. Dürr's classic oven includes a proven technology with an innovative layout

        The classic oven – Proven technology with an innovative layout

        Dürr's classical oven, tried and tested over decades and continuously improved, is the market benchmark. The latest generation is ingeniously designed to meet the requirements of modern layout planning while offering proven functionality.

        The new oven is more compact, has more functions and is easier to maintain. It has a host of advantages for both operators and planners because its integrated plant equipment allows for efficient, space-saving layouts. The key is its streamlined heating modules, which are integrated along the oven side wall, dispensing with the need for additional levels and superfluous steelwork. These new features reduce your paint shop footprint by using space more effectively.

        High energy efficiency and ease of maintenance not only make your product costs more attractive but also maximize cost-effective operation and therefore minimize total cost of ownership.

        Dürr's oven benefits

        Heating modules integrated in the side of the oven tunnel dispense with the need for additional levels. The result is a sleek design, without sacrificing the familiar quality and functionality. A compact, space-optimized oven footprint that accommodates modern layouts while retaining proven technology.

        All essential devices are part of the heating module and can be maintained and replaced at floor level. Expansion-friendly design combined with excellent accessibility for cleaning – a boon for operators and service personnel.

        The classic oven is available with a wide variety of conveyor systems. The skidless system maximizes the oven’s energy efficiency by minimizing heat loss. Options include everything from roller conveyors through classic suspension chain conveyors to monorail and friction conveyors. You can also choose between continuous or stop-and-go conveyance through the oven tunnel, with an adapted nozzle arrangement for optimum drying.

        Dürr’s patented oven air seals are among the best systems on the market when it comes to leak tightness and energy efficiency. The LVS (low-volume) air seal is the basis for the EcoSmart VEC variable fresh air controller, which can reduce oven energy consumption by up to 50%. Both the standard and low-volume versions are highly reliable and offer outstanding functionality.