1. EcoDry X stands for simple and robust paint overspray separation

        Overspray separation – Innovative and sustainable

        Different workpiece geometries, different paint properties and the transfer efficiency levels of each application technology mean that some of the atomized paint does not reach the body surface. This paint mist is filtered out of the booth process air as so-called overspray.

        When large-scale automotive painting was first introduced, wet scrubbing established itself as the norm for separating overspray. But being a pioneer, Dürr set a new standard in resource efficiency and sustainability in 2010 when we launched our innovative dry overspray separation system, which employs a variety of filter media.

        Dürr's overspray separation portfolio includes the ingenious dry solutions EcoDryScrubber and EcoDry X, plus the classic wet scrubbers EcoVertijet and EcoEnvirojet 3/3S.