1. Flexible wet scrubbing with Dürr's EcoEnvirojet
        Flexible wet scrubbing with Dürr's EcoEnvirojet

        EcoEnvirojet 3/3S – Flexible wet scrubbing

        Wet scrubbing is the traditional paint overspray separation method based on the Venturi principle. It is based on the use of water and chemicals, as well as a complete fresh air supply and exhaust air removal system in the spray booths.

        EcoEnvirojet 3

        Dürr's EcoEnvirojet 3 system has a long track record, particularly on account of its user-friendly and easy-clean design. It is also easy to access, which optimizes maintenance and waste disposal.

        EcoEnvirojet 3S

        The EcoEnvirojet 3S is a wet scrubber variant specially for low overall heights. For example, the spray booth can be installed at the same level as the oven, opening up the possibility of more compact layouts.

        EcoEnvirojet 3/3S benefits

        • Easy access for cleaning and servicing
        • Ideal for retrofitting existing plants
        • Combines tried-and-tested individual elements with a smart overall system
        • Low overall height which saves space (EcoEnvirojet 3S)