1. Space-saving wet scrubbing with Dürr's EcoVertijet

        EcoVertijet – Space-saving wet scrubbing

        The Dürr EcoVertijet is a compact wet scrubber for painting two and three-wheelers, plastic parts, and tires and wheels.

        Along with the EcoEnvirojet 3 and its space-saving version EcoEnvirojet 3S, Dürr's wet scrubber portfolio also includes the EcoVertijet. This variant operates with the help of a vertical wall of water. The robots are therefore positioned on one side.

        With a maximum overall height of 1.2 m, the EcoVertijet can be installed anywhere that lacks height but requires optimum paint overspray separation, both for new plants and conversions.

        EcoVertijet benefits

        • Simple design
        • Highly compact layout
        • Robust solution for paint overspray separation
        • Easy cleaning and maintenance