1. Dürr's Color changer on paint robot

        Color changing and purging equipment – Flexible. Fast. Efficient.

        In the automatic painting installations of automotive manufacturers and subcontractors, paints must be provided flexibly in the color that the customer requires. Manufacturers expect short color-change times and minimal paint losses. 

        Our color changers

        The EcoLCC2 color changer, which handles up to 36 colors, sets the benchmark for efficient color changes. It can be used with all water- and solvent-based 1K and 2K paints and offers impressively fast color changes lasting less than 10 seconds. Only around 10 ml of paint is wasted. The system no longer has a shared paint channel. As a result, it is impossible for the colors to become mixed. Courtesy of its compact design, the color changer can be integrated into the front robot arm.

        The low-pressure EcoMCC3 20 Color Changer has been designed for rapid color changes, minimal color loss and maximum maintenance friendliness. Each color connected to an EcoMCC3 20 color changer can be used as either a deadend or circulation system by selecting/changing the valve, instead of changing the valve block design as is common with competitor products.

        The EcoMCC 200 is a color changer solution for airless or air-assist varnishing with water- and solvent-based paint. Due to its short switching times the EcoMCC 200 is also suitable as a dosing valve in 2K application. Color changing is fast thanks to rapid purging and low dead space. A double seal allows valve faults to be identified quickly, reducing wear and tear.

        EcoValve7 20 is a low-pressure color changer designed for advanced 2K application. Unlike conventional valve designs, the EcoValve7 20 is equipped with a diaphragm seal between needle and piston, eliminating the possibility of leakages. In addition, the valve opens automatically in the event of overpressure. The diaphragm valve is characterized by extremely long service life, an easy to clean surface and an integrated needle receiver that guarantees fast maintenance.

        Dürr's Color changer on paint robot
        Dürr's color changing and purging equipment are flexible, fast and efficient
        EcoMCC3 20
        Dürr's color changing is flexible, fast and efficient
        EcoMCC 200
        Dürr's color changing is flexible, fast and efficient
        EcoValve7 20