1. Dosing Unit EcoPump9 by Dürr

        EcoPump9 Dosing Pump. Short hoses. Quick color changing.

        The EcoPump9 is a highly efficient gearwheel pump for 1K and 2K dosing of water- and solvent-borne paint.

        Both the EcoLCC2 color changer and the EcoPump9 dosing pump have ample space on the robot’s second arm. The paint hose from the dosing pump to the atomizer is equally short for all colors, which has a consistently positive effect on color loss when changing color.

        • Extended work envelope (> 30%) by increasing max. permissible speed
        • Reduced dead volume of components helping to reduce paint loss (> 30 %)
        • Reduction in color change time (10%) 
        • Elimination of regular, manual volume calibration (≈ 18 h/pump/a)
        • Reduction in purge duration (10%) and purging agent consumption (> 30%)
        • Extended service life thanks to improved wear resistance (> 50%)
        • Consistently high metering accuracy through automatic pressure adjustment 
        • Key operating components made of stainless steel
        • Maintenance-free to a large extent 
        • Compact metering pump design with integrated paint pressure regulator, weight and size-optimized for robot applications
        • Easy installation thanks to simple, modular design with fewer components