1. EcoPaintJet

        Automated and Overspray-Free Two-Tone Painting with High Edge Definition

        To stand out from the crowd, buyers of new cars often order a contrasting color for the roof or they ask for decorative stripes. Currently, after the first coat is applied and cured, the factory associates must cover the previously painted body surface so it is not contaminated by the 2nd contrasting color which will be applied to the roof. In addition the workers must mask off the outer edge of the roof lines to establish a sharp edge when paint is applied. The same technique is used for decorative stripes. This process is not only time consuming but also creates sub- stantial waste in form of paper, plastic, paint, and solvent.

        The EcoPaintJet process offers a solution whereby the paint applicator no longer creates overspray and eliminates the need for masking to obtain sharp edges.

        The EcoPaintJet nozzles apply material very closely over the car body surface and work so accurately that even the tiniest paint drop- lets land in precisely the right place. This enables color stripes to be applied exactly side by side and with sharp edges – and the result is faster, cleaner and more economical than ever before.