1. Reciprocators – Easy Painting of Small Parts

        EcoRecip is a product line of single axis manipulators, suitable for paint application in production lines. They can be used with different types of application equipment, spray guns or rotary atomizers. They are made of carbon steel structures, which ensures high stability. The speed of the reciprocator can be adjusted from 10 to 60 (70) meters per minute. Reciprocators are controlled with a control unit. This control unit allows an easy and quick setup and operation.

        EcoRecip benefits

        • Basement equipped with rotating wheels and blocksystem
        • Guide with special self-cleaning profile
        • Trolley with anti-friction sliding wheels
        • Modular counterweight
        • Incremental encoder
        • Movement transmission by toothed belt
        • End of stroke/zero sensors
        • Gearmotor at low absorption
        • Carbon steel self-supporting structure painted by thermosetting powders
        • Lateral plates with possibility to fix gun supporting-arms
        • Kit connection cables (15 m)