1. Paint Machines

        Paint Machines are found in self-contained systems that are designed to suit customers’ specifications.

        Painting solutions with chain-on-edge conveyor system

        Automatic painting machines consist of the following main components:

        • Unmachined part holder
        • Conveyor system (chain-on-edge)
        • Pretreatment
        • Spray booth
        • Application systems and paint supply
        • Flash-off zone
        • Oven (up to 300°C)
        • Cooling zone
        • Supply air systems
        • Painted part inspection

        Depending on the chain length and spindle spacing, automatic painting machines can paint up to 10,000 products per hour. The chain-on-edge conveyor moves products through the different paint shop zones. Either stationary EcoRecip lift units or flexible EcoRP robots can be used for painting. Automatic EcoGun paint guns or electrostatic EcoBell high-speed rotary atomizers apply the paint. The downstream oven can reach temperatures of up to 300°C. These systems are used in the glass, ceramics and plastics industries, for example.

        Flatbed Painting Machine

        The flatbed painting machine is ideal for painting two-dimensional pieces, particularly for coating surfaces and edges in a continuous process. The application package is integrated in the machine. Dürr offers full service solutions for these models:

        • Automatic spray guns or high-speed rotary atomizers for optimum paint application
        • Material supply
        • Material pressure controller
        • Dosing systems (1K/2K)
        • Integrated workpiece identification using a light barrier
        • Incorporated conveyor system (doctor blade belt or paper belt) suitable for Zones 1 and 2 based on ATEX guidelines

        The flatbed painting machine is used in the wood and plastics industries.

        Processes in the flatbed painting machine:

        • Grinding
        • Cleaning
        • Painting
        • Flash-off
        • Drying
        • Curing (with UV light)