1. 2k material dosing and application by Dürr

        EcoDose 2K – Solution for 2K paint application

        The Dürr EcoDose 2K unit is an electronic dosing system suitable for high and low pressure applications.

        It can be used in manual and automatic processes. Optimized for quick color changes and easy flushing, it enhances resource utilization and contributes to higher application efficiency. Fluids are measured consistently and precisely, even media with different viscosities. Typical fluids handled are 1 or 2K materials, water and solvent based paints, varnishes, lacquers and monolayer paints.

        EcoDose 2K benefits

        • Flow rate measuring by coriolis or gear flowmeter
        • Exact volume controlled dosing of both components
        • High and constant mixing ratio accuracy
        • Monitoring of all dosing functions such as pot life, catalyst ratio and components A & B with dedicated alarm
        • Automatic color change controlled by volume
        • Independent flushing circuits for both components ? No premixing chamber
        • Smooth start-up procedure
        • Intuitive user interface for quick programming of individual settings
        • High process reliability

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