1. Bath cleaning – Clean process bath, high-quality coating

        Dürr supplies tailor-made pretreatment systems that clean process baths efficiently and therefore guarantee superb coating.

        At the pretreatment cleaning stage, grease and metal chips are washed off the body to prepare it perfectly for the next step by conveying it through dip tanks filled with cleaning fluid. Where these process baths are concerned, for consistent cleaning it's all the more important to continuously clean the fluid itself if possible. Dürr supplies and integrates fully coordinated tailor-made bath-cleaning systems:

        • Filtration and separation with cyclones, magnetic separators or other filter systems
        • Oil separators, bag filters, belt filters and dosing systems
        • DI treatment with ion exchangers or reverse osmosis
        • Wastewater treatment, e.g. ultrafiltration

        As a systems integrator, alongside numerous qualified suppliers Dürr has its own production facilities in the Americas, Europe and Asia for the in-house manufacture of high-quality components such as the EcoMultiCyclone and the EcoMagno magnetic separator, both of which have an impressively high separation rate as well as being maintenance-friendly.