1. Dürr's bath cleaning includes clean process bath and high-quality coating

        EcoMagno – Continuously efficient magnetic filters for PT

        The innovative EcoMagno magnetic filter is the perfect choice for continuously cleaning pretreatment baths.

        Conventional solutions require an interruption of the filtering process to remove magnetic particles from the separator. Thanks to its novel operating principle, EcoMagno allows the separation of particles during ongoing operation: Neodymium magnets arranged in a helix and continuous drum rotation transport the separated iron particles towards the tank floor. There, wipers remove the particles from the tank, ensuring continuous regeneration.

        The result: uninterrupted, efficient cleaning with consistent high bath quality.

        EcoMagno benefits

        • Uninterrupted operation
        • Rapid plug & play integration in existing plants
        • Continuous, independent plant cleaning
        • No uncontrolled release of particles