1. EcoMultiCyclone – Efficient bath cleaning in Pretreatment

        EcoMultiCyclone – High-performance bath cleaning in PT

        The EcoMultiCyclone guarantees extremely clean pretreatment baths for a residue-free car body surface and high-quality coating results.

        Dürr has adapted the multicyclone principle to meet the special process requirements in automotive finishing. Matched to the flow rate and separation efficiency our customers require we offer two EcoMultiCyclone variants. The EcoMultiCyclone Micro is ideal for particles sizes down to 50 μm.

        The specially developed, highly impact-resistant and thermally and dimensionally stable inserts made from a TPE plastic compound are the centerpiece of the EcoMultiCyclone, ensuring reliable and maintenance-friendly use over a long service life. EcoMultiCyclone is also available as mobile unit for onsite testing.

        Dürr already sold more than 500 EcoMultiCyclone units across all OEMs – worldwide.

        How does the EcoMultiCyclone work?