1. Dürr's electrodialysis in dip coating

        Electrodialysis in dip coating

        Dürr's modular, energy-efficient wet systems use electrodialysis, providing the basis for perfect corrosion protection on each and every vehicle body.

        In the base coat section, along with pretreatment (i.e. cleaning, degreasing and phosphating the body), electrocoating is a key process. It entails immersing the body in a tank of paint diluted with water, through which an electrical current is passed.Applying the voltage triggers an electrolysis process that creates a highly resistant bond between the paint and the positively charged (cathode) body. Acidic ions remain in the tank and must be separated and filtered out of the solution through membranes. The dialysis cell is the structural unit made up of the anode and the membrane.

        Dürr is a leading supplier of dialysis cells. Our EcoCell is available in 4 versions, each with its own application-specific benefits.

        Our innovative system concept EcoDC MACS provides flexible control over single anodes and anode groups. Because it's modular, you can set different voltage profiles for each body type, which improves both energy efficiency and coating quality.