1. Dürr's electrodialysis in dip coating

        EcoCell – Optimized electrocoating

        The dialysis cell is a crucial component of electrocoating. The combined use of different cell types creates a solution adapted to a wide range of electrocoating requirements.

        Dürr offers four variants of dialysis cells

        Type Property Advantage
        EcoCell F Flat Cost-effective solution for large areas
        EcoCell S Semi-round Combines cost effectiveness with ease of maintenance and flexibility
        EcoCell R Round Versatile and easy to use
        EcoCell I Round Fully immersible to support critical areas

        Easy maintenance with EcoCell

        All Dürr anodes can be removed without opening the cell or draining the tank. This facilitates inspection and maintenance. The cells are easy to clean thanks to their smooth, chemical-resistant surface. The use of polypropylene (PP) ensures that they can withstand high static pressure and are highly resistant to stresses and impacts.