1. Dürr's electrodialysis in dip coating

        EcoDC MACS – Modular anode control system

        EcoDC MACS is an innovative, modular electrocoating plant design which reduces production failures due to a flexible anode control system

        A modular rectifier for flexible activation of individual anodes and large anode groups results in an optimized voltage profile that tracks the car body’s movement through the EC tank. “DC” stands for “direct current”; “MACS” is the acronym for “Modular Anode Control System.”

        In case of a failure of anodes or anode groups, the flexible modular anode control system permits the adjacent modules to compensate for the malfunction in the coating process, ensuring uniform coating quality.

        EcoDC MACS is based on IGBT technology, producing a very low residual ripple value of less than 2% over the entire current and voltage range. The result is a more uniform coating with lower surface roughness values. The system’s efficiency value of more than 96% saves energy. What’s more, you can dispense with standby rectifiers.

        EcoDC MACS benefits

        • High coating quality
        • Greater energy efficiency
        • Small footprint
        • Modular design
        • Greater availability
        • No standby rectifiers required