1. Dürr's EcoStandardBooth as the traditional spray booth

        The classic spray booth

        Dürr's spray booth is modular, has easy-clean components and can be flexibly adapted to any requirement by entering process parameters that you provide.

        Dürr uses process parameters such as structural constraints, space requirements, capacity and throughput times to plan and build classic booths. This ensures the best possible integration of the application and conveyor systems.

        Dürr's Ecopaint Booth stands for spray booths for perfect application

        Our solid process expertise and long-standing experience guarantee that all components work together perfectly via standardized interfaces. This speeds up installation and ensures that production startup goes smoothly. It also means that you will obtain high first-run rates at optimized unit costs, not least because we verify the process in advance using a highly realistic simulation of your painting processes. This applies to both new installations and to retrofits and extensions.