1. EcoReBooth of Dürr is compact, modular and innovative

        EcoReBooth – Compact, modular, innovative

        The innovative EcoReBooth concept for paint spray booths combines maximum space and energy efficiency with low complexity and high flexibility.

        Located directly below the spray booth, the compact layout EcoReBooth connects environmentally friendly dry separation systems to the integrated process-air technology. This not only saves space but also increases energy efficiency and simplifies maintenance.

        The modular concept of the EcoReBooth makes it possible to link the sections of the paint shop – such as primer, base and clear coat as well as exterior and interior application – in a single line without obstacles. The dry separation system is integrated on one side below the booth. The compactly arranged air recirculation units of the process-air technology are placed opposite, providing highly flexible recirculated air with optimal air conditioning and reduced access times during maintenance.

        EcoReBooth benefits

        • Compact booth concept with integrated process-air technology
        • Space-saving, flexible and modular
        • Easy & fast maintenance accessibility
        • No water and chemical consumption
        • Lower energy consumption