1. Dürr spraybooth

        Efficient painting with spray walls and booths

        Spray walls and booths with or without work bench are the ideal solution for spray painting applications both large and small in numerous industries, such as woodworking or steel manufacture.

        Dry filtration for wet painting

        In the dry filtration system, several filter stages effectively separate the overspray, resulting in cleaner exhaust air. The degree of separation can exceed 99% in the case of liquid particles, depending on the paint. The spray wall control unit can be positioned wherever required. The spray wall can be fitted with an optional standby module, to prevent the heated air in the shop from being extracted, particularly in winter.

        The benefits of open spray walls

        • Open work area for spraying large objects
        • Filter saturation display
        • Optional standby mode (only if floor-mounted)
        • Illuminated work area (ATEX)

        The benefits of spray booths with workbench

        • Bench work area for spraying smaller objects
        • Illuminated work area (ATEX)
        • Filter saturation display
        • Optional standby mode (if floor or wall-mounted)