1. Installed Ecopure? TAR – Recuperative thermal oxidation

        Test Center Environmental Technology

        Ecopure? stands for efficient air purification systems with low energy consumption. With ORC technology from Dürr, the waste heat can be used to generate electricity. Microturbines convert gaseous and liquid fuels and VOC into exhaust air and electricity.

        Exhaust cleaning

        The recuperative thermal exhaust air purification Ecopure? TAR is part of the combustion process, which converts essentially organic pollutants into water and carbon dioxide, as a proven, safe and universally applicable method. The Ecopure? TAR is used particularly in the exhaust air cleaning of drying processes are used: Starting with virtually all coating processes for the automobile body from small parts to coating systems for floors or wallpaper. Other technologies represented at the test center are the Ecopure? VAR (combustion system for waste gases and waste liquids) and the Ecopure? LPX (low pressure catalyst).

        Our service portfolio

        • Thermal and catalytic exhaust air cleaning
        • Gas burner (power up to 2.8 MW)
        • Oil burner (power up to 2.8 MW)
        • Burner for residual liquids
        • Other gas nozzles

        Ecopure? ORC – Generating electricity from waste heat

        Through Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology, waste heat can be used to generate electricity. The test center uses a 70 kW ORC plant waste heat from a thermal exhaust air purification plant of the type Ecopure? TAR to generate electricity. The facility has undergone an extensive testing and optimization program, efficiency and variability using this innovative technology has been increased significantly. Our test center in Bietigheim-Bissingen offers the best conditions for the development and demonstration of ORC technology.

        Our service portfolio

        • Development, optimization and testing
          • from directly and externally fired micro gas turbines
          • from micro gas turbine components
          • from remote monitoring and maintenance concepts
        • Testing for centrifugal compressors and turbines, combustion systems, recuperators and electric generators.
        • Performance and acceptance tests