1. Gluing Application Technology for Battery Systems

        The production of the battery – the heart of the electric vehicle – is gaining massively in importance with the worldwide growth of e-vehicles.

        Dürr offers a complete solution in the application technology for e-mobility. A modular system for the application of glues, sealants and fillers in battery production gives vehicle manufacturers high quality, flexibility and adaptability for various viscosities and mixing ratios.

        A particular manufacturing challenge involves protecting the battery component against overheating during charging. To this end, Dürr has developed innovative processes in the area of thermal management for the casting of thermally conductive materials.


        • Extensive portfolio for solutions in almost every area of application.
        • The system’s modular structure enables individual components to be replaced to become the system adapted to changed process requirements.
        • Variably configurable from the processing of small quantities in the laboratory to prototype construction and pre-series, to large-volume processing in the course of series production.