1. Structural gluing for body components with short bead application.

        Gluing Solutions in Body in White

        Adhesive joints are subject to considerable requirements in body shell construction. During the entire product lifecycle, the adhesive joints have to carry the car body securely and be resistant to any stresses and environmental influences.

        Bonding concepts

        Innovative light architecture concepts with mixed materials and multi material design, aren’t possible without adhesive joints. Gluing technology not only lowers costs per unit in comparison to spot welding, but also offers advantages in absorbing critical load cases as well as offering advantages in sealing and damping. Crevice and contact corrosion through the contact of different materials is also avoided.

        The increasing requirements in body shell construction concerning for automotive safety, car body stiffness and comfort can be precisely fulfilled by the use of adhesive joints.

        • Robot-controlled application
        • Dosing Units
        • Electrical and Pneumatic Application Heads
        • Material Supply Systems
        • Software and Controls
        • Reduced costs per unit
        • Quality low cost engineerd solutions
        • Minimizing worker exposure
        • All from one source: Manufacture, assembly and initial operation
        The illustration shows the examples of the most common used applications in body shell construction.