1. Dürr's sealing Ecoshot

        Dosing Systems – Dosing for all requirements

        Dosing systems meet all requirements for the optimum dosing of highly viscous materials. Standardized systems are used in the 1K and 2K sectors.

        EcoFlow – The right dosage for every process

        The pressure-controlled dosing systems work in pressure control or volume control mode. Freely programmable, pressure-controlled or volume-controlled dosing systems satisfy all the requirements for functional dosing flexibly.

        Dürr's EcoFlow ensures the right dosage for every process

        EcoShot Meter – High dynamic in the process

        Available in two sizes, this precise dosing system is suitable for most viscous sealing and gluing materials and covers almost all applications as a standard model. The electric shot meter (EcoShot Meter) is used to dose the material independant from variations of material flow and pressure of the material supply. The system is suitable for applications that require very high dynamic and precision in the process. Control of the dosing unit is completely integrated into the EcoRPC2 and enables continuous application of the material in the double-dosing unit version. The implemented hose breathing compensation enables the fastest possible reaction times of the dosing system. All parts of the dosing unit that application material flows through are made of stainless steel. This thereby enables the dosing unit to be used for a broad range of application materials.

        Dürr's sealing Ecoshot