1. Dürr offers a range of various nozzles


        Applicators can be used with various EcoJet nozzles that can be fitted project-specifically. The nozzles can be changed easily.

        EcoJet – High-quality nozzles with constant performance

        The diverse gluing and sealing applications require different nozzles to meet the application-specific requirements. Nozzles for airless, flat stream, round, swirl, extrusion, LASD, as well as hemflange and stand seam applications, are available. These nozzles are outstanding due to their consistent application quality and long service life. Top production quality ensures reproducibility of application even after nozzle replacement.

        Nozzle Cleaner – EcoGun Cleaner

        The nozzle cleaner is constructed for universal use. It blows the material off the nozzle tip. The air nozzle position (height and orientation) is adjustable. The material collection container can also be used for purged material:

        • Reduced manual cleaning effort
        • Cleaning during automatic mode
        • Integrated support for test panel