1. Dürr's electronics testing ensures the highest quality at the End of Line

        Keys for driving safety – Comprehensive electronics testing

        Modern cars have become rolling computers.
        Electronic control units assume more and more functions and ensure optimal safety.

        At the same time, they also regulate comfort, economy and ecology of the vehicle. This makes it all the more important to perfectly calibrate these systems at the final assembly and to test all of their functions. With x-tronic, Dürr Assembly Products has developed a universal test system for vehicle electrics and electronics to perform these tasks – scalable from an individual test place to a complete EoL system for a centrally-managed End of Line and rework concept.

        Our customers are optimally supported as x-tronic saves process time and work hours by executing test tasks in parallel.

        Read here how precisely x-tronic is integrated in test stands and process stations in order to automate all electronic and mechanical processes in the End of Line area.