1. Dürr's electronics testing ensures the highest quality at the End of Line

        Electronics testing for the highest quality at the End of Line

        The number of control units in cars is increasing continuously. As they monitor a multitude of functions, their verification and calibration is an essential component of the final vehicle assembly. For this reason, we have developed measuring and diagnostic tools specifically optimised for this task.

        With the implementation of the x-tronic product generation, our customers utilize these in-house developments of Dürr Assembly Products:

        • x-tronic balancer, a mobile measuring device to support and optimize the adjustment of the wheel geometry
        • Smart Ergo Level, a light, portable measuring device for measuring the steering wheel angle and inclination of vehicles at the End of Line
        • x-tronic carlink, a portable ECU diagnostic interface

        x-tronic balancer

        The x-tronic balancer is a combined system to measure the steering angle of vehicles (“steering wheel balancer”) and to communicate with the vehicle control units (ECUs).
        With six function keys the balancer DI offers the additional possibility of user interaction (assign, select, confirm). In this case, the test sequence is controlled by a host PC with x-line automation system.

        • Toe setting in the wheel alignment stand while taking the steering angle and the steering angle hysteresis into consideration
        • Calibration of ESP sensors, adaptive headlight range adjustment, level regulation, and much more
        • Performance of general electronics tests parallel to the wheel alignment

        Smart Ergo Level

        The Smart Ergo Level is a mobile measurement device for measuring the angle and inclination of the steering wheel on vehicles at the End of Line. The device also evaluates the measurement results and displays the same using LEDs and acoustic signal.

        Data from the x-tronic balancer and Smart Ego Level are continuously transferred to the x-line Host-PC.

        Smart Ergo Level

        • Measuring and support device for setting vehicle toe positions in the wheel alignment stand
        • Measuring and support device for setting the toe angle, taking the steering angle hysteresis into account

        Compact control unit diagnostics

        The x-tronic carlink is a compact and rugged device for control unit diagnostics. It is capable of simultaneously communicating with multiple ECUs - using not just the same but also different bus systems. The test process is controlled by a host PC with the x-line automation system.

        x-tronic carlink

        A display and six function keys (assign, select, confirm) of the carlink D provide the user with additional options for interaction.

        •  Wireless ECU diagnosis in test stands and process stations
        •  Parallel communication with several ECUs on up to 8 physical channels (CAN, K-Line, …)
        •  Test tasks with operator interaction (carlink D)
        •  Plug-in Dürr OBD2 diagnostic cable

        With the x-tronic product generation, Dürr offers a unique combination of specifically-developed hard- and software for flexible use in all applications and every test situation. Standard operating systems and the x-line automation system are used.