1. Dürr's dynamic driving test includes Roll/Brake/ABS test stand x-road

        Roll/brake/ABS test stand for transporter and vans

        For function tests of transporters and vans with an axle load between two and three tonnes we have developed the roll/brake/ABS test stand x-road with special components.

        This product is an expansion of the roll/brake/ABS test stand x-road, which is used worldwide more than 250 times in the car production.

        The test stand has a strengthened base frame in order to hold the higher weight and is able to support larger wheel bases. Furthermore, it has wider rolls to support light commercial vehicles with wider track width and twin-tires.

        The possible scopes of testing are in accordance with the roll/brake/ABS test stand x-road for cars. The calibration of the moment of inertia for the dynamic brake testing is carried out with the calibration unit x-cal.