1. decentral power generation

        Decentral Power Generation

        Release your energy!
        The full after sales service of Dürr offers you round-the-clock support in two key areas and perfectly complements your maintenance and production activities as the operator of Organic Rankine Cycle Technology Systems.


        Our first-class service solution includes not only inspection but also maintenance. We therefore provide rapid assistance in the event of a fault in your system. It's our expertise to work with you proactively. Any time we can remote surveillance in your systems and quickly identify weak points.

        Consulting and Commissioning

        Dürr develops tailor-made solutions for your application. Our advice shows you which of our systems makes sense for your purposes and from which one you personally derive the highest possible benefit. Because of your satisfaction is our goal!

        Dürr's customer service

        The customer service team of Decentral Power Generation can provide you with expert support wherever you are in the world. We offer a comprehensive service package that can be tailor-made to meet your needs. Prompt repair service, preventive maintenace, consulting and upgrading of your individual plant includes our service. Dürr is always ready to help – not just when there is a problem with your system.