1. Learning painting technology in Chennai

        With the growing Indian car industry, the demand for qualified workers is also rising. We can help you be an employer of choice by empowering your employees through a comprehensive training program that puts them at the top of the industry.

        Our new 400 m2 training center in Chennai is equipped with the most up to date products and facilities.

        Since April 2015, our team of instructors has been teaching best practices with Dürr products and training you in their correct operation. During the training units, participants receive a detailed insight into new technologies such as the EcoRP L033 paint robot, as well as all the associated control systems.

        Furthermore, the participants in the courses at our Indian training center get to know and use the different paint application products. For practical exercises, we are equipped with automatic rotary atomizers (EcoBell2), color changers (EcoLCC), economical paint supply systems, as well as pumps and mobile spray guns (EcoGun).