1. Quality Hands-on Training

        A time-proven solution for maximizing up-time is having well trained personnel.

        Dürr’s corporate trainers guide you through best practices on a variety of subjects – from robot path programming to mechanical maintenance to operator training and more. Custom pricing is required because cost varies based on time and training location.

        Dürr provides two location options for training – either at your site or at our brand-new training center at the Dürr Campus in Southfield, Michigan.

        Research on how adults learn has proven that there are key benefits to off-site training, such as better return on investment, improved staff morale, better focus, team building, and engagement of personnel. These are factors to consider when identifying training goals.

        Our seasoned training manager, Rick Sears, will work with you to develop the best training experience to suit your needs – whether it is on-site or off-site.

        Training Center in Southfield, Michigan

        The Dürr Southfield Campus Training Center features hands-on training options using the following types of robots:

        • EcoRP L Paint Roadshow
        • EcoRS Sealer Roadshow
        • EcoRPE for Line Tracking
        • EcoRPE for Mechanical Teardown
        • EcoRP6 (Vintage 2006)

        Roadshow Robots: Paint & Sealer

        Dürr is eager to share hands-on training at your site with one of our two portable Roadshow Robots. We have an EcoRP L robot that can travel to your facility for hands-on training. We also have an EcoRS Sealer Robot that is road-ready.

        Money Saving E-Vouchers

        Save 10% on Open Enrollment Training by buying a book of 10 e-vouchers. Each e-voucher may be redeemed for one day of Dürr Open Enrollment Training, for one individual, at the Dürr Southfield Campus. For more information please click here.