1. Analysis and assessment of an air pollution control system

        Analysis & Assesment

        When it comes to providing consultancy and optimizing your Air Pollution Control System, we are the experts.

        We can help you save energy throughout the entire process by carrying out detailed investigations of each stage. As a special service, Dürr offers a comprehensive assessment and an in-depth analysis of your system. This includes, for example, testing the instrumentation and control equipment and fine-tuning the individual parameters. Our clearly defined cost structure and short payback periods for energy-saving measures allow us to provide you with a service that will meet all your needs and contribute to the long-term success of your company.

        The benefits for you include:

        • Consultancy and implementation from a single source
        • Fine-tuning your system to cut your energy costs
        • Innovative system components that will reduce your operating costs
        • Safe, reliable operation using the very latest technology
        • Performance improvements
        • Incorporating your requirements and complying with your specifications
        • Efficient use of energy for the purposes of ISO 14001 (environmental management) and ISO 15001 (energy management) certification

        We can analyze and convert all types of air pollution control systems. This service covers not only units supplied by Dürr, but also plants from other suppliers.

        The assessment process is as follows:

        • A visit to your site by the specialist team from Dürr
        • A joint inspection of the system
        • Evaluation of all the relevant structures and processes
        • Monitoring of the system in operation
        • Documenting problem areas and collecting all the necessary information
        • Assessing the condition of the system in light of your objectives and in relation to the benchmark parameters
        • Drawing up proposals to improve the system

        We provide a clear summary of the results to give an overview of the critical areas of your system. This documentation contains the information you need to make decisions about further optimization measures. Even if you decide not to modernize your system, our assessment gives you the confidence that you have made the right decision, because you have all the necessary knowledge about the condition of the system, together with the results of immediate and potential measures. This also enables you to draw up detailed future investment plans.