1. Inspection and Maintenance for your Air Pollution Control System

        Inspection & Maintenance

        Two of the key factors which ensure that your Air Pollution Control System operates smoothly in the long term are inspection and maintenance.

        This is why Dürr provides a comprehensive range of services to meet your maintenance and inspection requirements. Expert maintenance will increase the availability of your system and significantly extend its service life. Depending on your needs, we can work with you to put together a tailor-made package consisting of one or more of the following services:

        • Troubleshooting and repairs
        • Preventive maintenance
        • Optimization of your air pollution control system
        • Monitoring and support during the production process
        • Consultancy and energy management

        On-site Consultancy

        We aim to provide you with a comprehensive range of support services. Naturally, we also offer an on-site consultancy service and we will be happy to explain the procedure to you in person.

        • Specific proposals for wear parts and spare parts
        • Suggestions for taking measurements and optimizing your system
        • Fast, efficient fault repairs
        • Proposals and measures to keep faults to a minimum in future
        • Face-to-face training for your staff to enable them to identify faults at an early stage
        • Information about new products
        • Reducing costs by repairing faults quickly and effectively
        • Avoiding stoppages

        Remote Maintenance

        Dürr provides a remote maintenance service to help save you time. This means that our employees do not need to visit your plant. Instead, the troubleshooting process takes the form of remote diagnostics. Dürr has its own service product for this purpose.