1. Modifications & Revamps

        Dürr supplies complete abatement system modification solutions covering design, fabrication, installation, and commissioning. Modifications and retrofits are tailored to your individual requirements.

        If your air pollution control system is outdated, if it needs to modify to meet new capacity requirements, if you want to retrofit it with the very latest technology, or if you want to increase availability and reduce operating costs, these are all very good reasons to modernize your system.

        In such cases, Dürr offers a tailor-made upgrade service package for your air pollution control system. We supply complete modification solutions including design, manufacturing, assembly, and commissioning. The system can modified individually to meet your specific needs.

        We can provide you with fast, expert consultancy, together with the following services:

        • On-site inventory
        • Developing a new plan
        • Drawing up a detailed quotation
        • Managing the upgrade process
        • Modifying your system to accommodate a larger production volume
        • Converting your system to adapt it to new operating conditions
        • Providing training for your staff and introducing them to the new technology

        The support we offer includes:

        One example of what the new technology has to offer is a reduction in your operating costs. We can also provide you with fast, expert advice on energy management.

        • A state of the art analysis of your energy requirements and of the volume, temperature, and concentration of the waste air
        • Identifying how much energy can be recovered from the waste air
        • Evaluating the measurement results
        • An engineering study to identify alternative plans and to calculate profitability
        • Presenting the results of the engineering study
        • Evaluating the possible solutions in relation to the cost-effectiveness of different types of system
        • Determining the investment costs
        • Presenting the quotation
        • Managing the upgrade process
        • Providing training for your staff and introducing them to the new technology

        Alongside these various services, Dürr offers a wide range of service products to improve your Air Pollution Control System and bring it fully to the state- of- the-art standards.

        Selection of Service products for Modification:

        • Ecopure? COM multi-stage burner
        • Gas injection/efficient use of fuel to keep operating costs to a minimum
        • VOC concentrator with split desorption
        • Replacement of the ceramic heat exchanger
        • Blockage detector for regenerative thermal oxidation systems
        • Installation of a heat exchanger
        • Thermal oil distillation
        • Sight glasses for combustion chambers
        • Preventing the formation of condensate/deposits