1. Testing Smart Services

        Smart Service by Dürr

        The digitization and the online linking of machines allows new intelligent services to be offered.

        With the digitization and the online connection of machines and processes, new Smart Services will be realized and made available.

        Dürr will support its customers through data processing, visualization as well as data analysis to increase equipment availability and consequently the overall production efficiency.

        As an example, applications will be offered in the near future, which will provide a quick overview of the machine, the overall condition (condition monitoring) and on demand, more specific details.

        Through the support of applications in the Predictive Maintenance area, machines will be maintained only on demand and not in defined intervals as is the current practice. Furthermore, with the use of pattern detections in the machine data, indicators for potential machine incidents will be created that will prevent major downtimes.

        Additionally, in the future Helpdesk functions for connected devices and a quick and easy support will be possible as specialists will be able to obtain a detailed overview of the machine control system through remote access, without being on site.

        Augmented Smart Customer Guidance

        Dürr also provides an easy and smart approach for a dedicated supply of information directly in front of the machine – The Augmented Smart Customer Guidance. With the support of the Augmented Reality technology, components or sub-systems will be quickly detected and the relevant information will be provided.

        Furthermore here it is also possible to obtain technical support through a video call with Dürr specialists.

        Video Augmented Smart Customer Guidance