1. Service – Hotline support

        Hotline support at Dürr Assembly Products – At the service of our customers.

        Hotline support testing and assembly – Fast and reliable

        It is our aim to avoid downtime, respectively if they occur, to minimize the consequences as far as possible. In the case of an emergency our service team takes action as quickly as possible – be it a breakdown of your system or relating to diagnosis requests and advice in cases where specialist support is necessary.

        Our support for all breakdown or failure issues

        Please fill in the attached Fault Registration Form to describe the incident.

        How you can reach our hotline

        An initial advisory service via the telephone can often already isolate the problem, which can then be solved during the further conversation. We are on hand with assistance and advice in order to develop the best individual solution for you.

        In order to contact our hotline directly, please use the adjoining telephone numbers (available 24/7). Here again, your problem is evaluated with the help of the attached error registration form. The operator then informs the respective engineering consultant who will immediately contact you and take over the further processing.

        Our service consultants are available from 8 am to 8 pm on regular working days, and from 9 am to 6 pm on weekends and bank holidays.